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Website Development and Setup

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A website has to run 24 hours a day and always be fast. A display in less than 3 secondes will lead to a loss of visitors, which are quickly growing impatient. Webpage loading time has to be optimized to allow better browsing and readability.

The website code is a key point, as it will assure an evolutive, easy to update, reusable solution with limited maintenance fees. The technical platform has to be solid with enough hardware ressource to allow stable and efficient service.


A website must be technically flawless in order to conquer markets. Website optimization covers :
- Specifications, with experience sharing and technical analysis
- Marketing and communication
- Technology choices, in order to achieve efficiency and long term management
- Code and software production
- Norms and standards
- Technical documentation, usage and follow-up


Website development with the Jelix framework

A framework is a toolbox that helps creating websites in an efficient and logical manner. 

NokéWeb uses Jelix to develop efficient custom websites :
-Quick loading time
- Enhanced security
- High availability

Website development using a CMS (Content Management System)

Websites based on CMS are built with functional plugins, which are often Open Source. For example, you have Wordpress and Drupal for media content, Prestashop and Magento for e-shops. These tools work like a pre-built website structure that you can customize to obtain a given result. These solutions are quick to setup, but less flexible and efficient that custom development.

Mobile and software applications

NokéWeb can create specific applications :
- Documentation and specs
- Conception and development of mobile apps based on an existing website
- Creation of connected or disconnected applications for mobile and tablets on Android and/or iOS
- Creation of desktop or mobile softwares


Hosting and Maintenance

A website has to evolve in order to achieve long term success, stay in touch with users' expectations and ahead of competition. This is why NokéWeb offers application maintenance to offer the best service quality. NokéWeb cares a lot about service maintenance because it means good quality of service. The websites are created in such a way that they will be easy to update. Mainetnance also covers technology watch, software updates, new functionalities, SEO. NokéWeb deals with all technical questions so our clients can focus on their primary business.

NokéWeb fully manages its own servers,which allows to be extremely reactive on all technical issues. We manage servers security and optimization, domain names and IP addresses management. Technical infrastructure mastery makes it possible to accurately control server load and traffic issues.

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