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Traffic management & web strategy

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Traffic management & web strategy
When managing a web site, you have to deal with both website quality and communication.

But you don't need any visitors, only the ones interested in your services or products and likely to become customers.

NokéWeb can help you achieving concrete goals for your business : trafic, sales, subscriptions..

Just like a real life shop, a website has no point if no one visits it. Bringing visitors, specifically targeted visitors, is a success requirement. A good web strategy deals with traffic management, in order to have as many active users as possible (buying, signing up or sharing the site).

Communication and Web strategy

There are different ways to get visibility on Internet : Advertising, Social Networks, Newsletters, press releases, partnerships.

A website's traffic and visibility are also increased through written communication. Blogs, forums and social networks are powerful information sources. These supports can be efficient communication tools that quickly increase online visibility. From answering to clients on forums and blogs to developing dedicated application, ther are many ways to take advantage of social networks.

Trafic management

The goal of a web site is to bring targeted traffic composed of potential customers at the price. There are many ways to bring visitors to a website : buy keywords, purchase advertisement, mailings, trade visibility, affiliation, search engine optimization, viral marketing and many others.

Our experts in E-business are there to guide you, help you avoid traps, ensure transparent and effective advertising management and assist you in setting up useful partnerships.

Efficient traffic management for a better online visibility.

Any web project targets online success. When creating a new web service, communication plan is as important as design and technical setup. Traffic management is focused on bringing as many targeted visitors as possible on a website. To do so, you need to first define goals, then set up a fitting strategy using online marketing and communication tools.

Online advertising

The best way to quickly get targetted traffic is online advertising (banners, sponsored links like Google Adwords, affiliation). The Internet as a communication media is interesting because it reaches almost anyone, and also gives numerous and accurate information about visitors (time spent, pages viewed, tools used). This feedback makes it possible to optimize advertising, thus decreasing client acquisition cost.

Affiliation or performance marketing : Revenue sharing :

An affiliate website sends traffic on advertiser's site and gets a percentage on generated sales. Through affiliate tools a website can offer additional services to its audience while generating extra revenues.

White Label and co-branding:

White label allows a web site to offer third parties’ products under its own brand: Here is an example with and its wine store Co-branding works the same: using both the website and the advertiser’s brand.

Emailing, Newsletter marketing direct, CRM

The goal of any website is to be visible and visited, that's why you need to make good ues of all available communication tools. You certainly need to :
- keep a healthy relation with your clients
- setup a multi-channel communication (social networks, newsletters, special offers ..)
- know your clients - provide flawless sales support

Newsletters can be very effective to reach an audience.

Social Networks

You need to be active on these supports and offer an adequate communication.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the art of targetting good ranking in search engines results. Many Internet users use search engines (like Google or Bing) as a primary information source.

Search engines use relevance algorythms to sort webpages for a given keyword sentence. SEO means understanding some of the criteria involved and organizing the information to highlight relevant or important wording. You cannot artificially enhance your ranking, but you can use web structure norms to clearly highlight a site's theme and content, increasing the visibility in search engines.

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