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" The Agency whose media plans come together "


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NokéWeb, website development agency

NokéWeb is a global web agency, efficient in all aspects of online project management : design and ergonomy, technical programming, communication and marketing. Our team is based in Paris, France.

Composed of web experts (Development, Design, Marketing, E-Business), our team accompanies our clients in their projects, offering advice and quick & effective solutions. We support clients from projects setup to grow.
Since 2008, our team has been growing with webdesigners, developers, trafic management experts.

This means we can work on a global scale, taking all the aspects of a project into account, and provide efficient solutions.

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Our services

Stratégie & communication Réalisations techniques

« Design and ergonomy »

Stratégie & communication Webdesign

« Visibility and profitability »

Stratégie & communication Stratégie & communication

« Visibility and profitability »

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Web strategy and communication

Agence Web Paris

NokéWeb Web Agency specializes in Web strategy and covers all issues related to the Web:

Web site creation, management of technical platforms, Web marketing, compliance, online ad campaigns, search engine Optimization.

Our expertise lets you optimize your customer acquisition costs while you focus on your core business.

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NokéWeb at the e-commerce fair in Paris

Web Marketing, Strategy and Communication

NokéWeb Media Agency offers its skills in the field of online services. The agency provides technical services, advices in sales and marketing strategy for communication and e-commerce activities. NokéWeb manages different kind of websites : e-commerce, blogs, directories, corporate sites among different themes : luxury, ecology, personal services, news, events management.


Some of our work

  • Elle Magazine

    Elle Magazine


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  • Ethos bio

    Ethos bio

    Green fashion

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  • Gallia groupe

    Gallia groupe

    Travel agency

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  • Le Grand Véfour

    Le Grand Véfour

    The most famous restaurant in Paris

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  • Paris Match

    Paris Match

    The famous French magazine

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  • OkoClick


    Responsible Ad plateform

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