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Personal data protection by NokéWeb

NokéWeb, the company editing this website, is actively protecting user’s personal data in a fair and transparent way. The document hereafter explains how data can be collected and managed and gives information about users’ rights regarding their data. The team at NokéWeb is dynamically commited to implement proper technical and management measures to make sure personal data are correctly protected, The objective is a strict compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1 - Who manages personal data?

The current website is exclusively managed and operated by :
NokéWeb, SARL capitalized at 40 000 €
Headquarters : 77, rue du faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris, France
RCS : Paris 508 011 145
Publication director : Ben Oechsel, CEO of NokéWeb

2 - How are personal data processed ?

NokéWeb collects and manages personal data of users having contacted NokéWeb through forms available on the website in order to contact them and answer their requests. Concerned data are : last name, first name, telephone number, email address, IP address.
For job applications, information also includes professional history (curriculum vitae).
There will be no data personal collection for visitors that don’t use any form on the website.
Visitors data will be saved for a maximum duration of 13 months.

3 - Personal data sharing

NokéWeb will never share or sell users’ personal data.

4 - How are personal data protected ?

4.1. Technical platform

Each service edited by NokéWeb is hosted on a dedicated and partitioned server space on professional secured servers located in France, rented to companies that are subject to data protection regulations.
The servers are secured through professional practice like firewalls, antivirus, monitoring .. For each service edited by NokéWeb, personal data are registered in dedicated databases protected by specific logins and passwords.

4.2. Access control

4.2.1. In charge of data management

Only employees specifically empowered can access clients data : operating officers, clients managers, head of sales, chief of technical office ..

4.2.2. Contractors

NokéWeb does not work with contractors that could access users’ personal data.

4.3. Data management

Data are stored on NokéWeb’s web servers.
A selective backup is periodically run to save data on a dedicated space, physical copies can be kept in a safe place, in order to be able to restore the service if an incident happens.

4.4. Personal data breach

The team at NokéWeb is commited to personal data protection for people using our services. However, in case of incident (data breack, data leak), NokéWeb would inform the relevant authority within seventy two (72) hours and clients as soon as possible.

5 - User’s rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives Internet users new rights. A user can refuse data collection for legitimate motives. A user has a right to access, modify or delete one’s personal information. A user can request a bearing of shared or constructed data, excluding data constructed through a specific process resulting of an exclusive expertise from NokéWeb. A user can exercise one’s rights by contacting NokéWeb through the contact page : Contact us

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